Manual Coffee Grinder, Top Quality, Stainless Steel, Fortified Glass, Ceramic Core, Adjustable Grinder, Make Fresh Coffee With The Portable, Durable Coffee Bean Grinder, For Coffee Enthusiasts

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Make Your Own Fresh Coffee At Home

Making a cup of coffee exactly as you like it, is a luxury you can now enjoy. Our manual coffee grinder will let you create the freshest coffee from the best coffee beans you selected yourself.

Our coffee grinder's size is 9 cm in diameter and 20.5 cm in height, while the glass jar's diameter is 9 cm and its height is 9 cm. Its capacity of coffee powder is 100g.

Sturdy Construction

Our grinder's strong ceramic material will effectively produce the consistency of the coffee you need. All parts are made of quality stainless steel, strong polypropylene and fortified glass, making a robust and compact device that you can move around with no fear.

The Most Aromatic Coffee In A Few Steps

Take care to use our coffee grinder correctly. Don't overload with coffee beans or grind too fiercely, so you can protect the core grinder and produce better quality grounds! Read the instructions if something isn't entirely clear!

Use the adjustable knob to control the coarseness of your coffee. Fresh coffee grounds, exactly as you like them!

Easy And Portable

Easily disassemble and clean the parts of the coffee grinder after each use. It's light, only 528g, so you can take it with you and enjoy your preferred freshly ground coffee anywhere!

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• THE FRESHEST COFFEE ANYTIME: If you are a coffee lover, you can tell your coffee's quality from its flavor and aroma. Now you can grind your coffee beans at home and have freshly ground coffee, with the fullest flavor and aroma, at all times. The perfect kitchen tool for someone who values their cup of coffee! • QUALITY MATERIAL AND CONSTRUCTION: Our coffee grinder's parts are made of quality stainless steel and food-grade polypropylene material, while the grinder core itself is made of hard and durable ceramic material. The jar is highly transparent, fortified glass so you can monitor its contents, but move it with safety as well. • LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE: Weighing only 528g, our manual coffee grinder is easily carried and portable. Take it with you at a friend's place or on vacation. If you can't do without the ritual of freshly ground coffee, you will take our coffee grinder everywhere you go! • ADJUSTABLE GRINDER: Control the coarseness of your coffee with our adjustable grinder feature. Produce coarse or fine grounds for your preferred coffee experience. The precision of the ceramic grinder will give you the coffee grounds with the consistency you want every time! • EASY TO USE, EASY TO CLEAN: It is intuitive to use our manual coffee grinder. Simply fill the jar with coffee beans enough for 2 or 3 persons and gently rotate the grinding handle. Consult our instructions if you have any questions. You can disassemble the grinder's parts to easily clean and be ready for the batch of next day's fresh coffee!