Manual Coffee Grinder - Conical Burr Coffee Grinder - Hand Coffee Grinder Gift Set - Adjustable for Fine/Coarse Grind, Perfect for French Press, Cold Brew & Pour Over - Burr Mill Coffee Grinder

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??OTHER HAND COFFEE GRINDER S HAVE WOBBLY PARTS THAT COME LOOSE & BURRS THAT GRIND UNEVENLY; At Flafster Kitchen, we spent 6 MONTHS OF RESEARCH creating a better burr coffee bean grinder with only the best quality materials; From our ERGONOMICALLY DESIGNED Kitchen Manual Coffee Grinder with unique screw to HOLD the HANDLE SECURELY IN PLACE to our LOCKING SYSTEMS for both the bean and ground compartments; All crafted for an experience as SMOOTH & ELEGANT as the cup you pour 👍UNLIKE MANY COFFEE GRINDERS THAT CHURN OUT AN UNPREDICTABLE, INCONSISTENT GRIND, with mixed fine and coarse coffee grounds; We're dedicated to giving you THE PERFECT GRIND FOR THE PERFECT CUP; Our coffee burr grinder is ADJUSTABLE TO EXACT LEVELS OF COARSENESS from coarse French press and cold brew to fine for pour-over and Turkish coffee; Follow our easy instructions to make your own DELICIOUS, PERFECTLY TEXTURED GRIND; Our handy MEASUREMENT WINDOW AND MARKINGS make grinding a cinch 👌AN ELEGANT GIFT SET FOR COFFEE LOVERS; Our beautifully designed conical burr grinder coffee set includes a STAINLESS STEEL SCOOP/COFFEE BAG CLASP and CLEANING BRUSH to prevent clogs; Comes wrapped in a HANDSOME GIFT BOX, for a hand grinder set that will truly impress; Our cordless, portable coffee grinder is also great for camping trips and grinding FRESH, DELICIOUS WHOLE BEAN COFFEE ON THE ROAD 👍UNMATCHED QUALITY AND ATTENTION TO DETAIL; Every one of our burr grinders for coffee beans must pass 2 LEVELS OF IN-HOUSE QUALITY INSPECTIONS, as well as a third-party professional quality inspection; If you aren't happy with your cordless grinder for any reason, please CONTACT US DIRECTLY within 30 days and we will return your payment in full, or within 1 year for a product replacement; We treat our customers like part of the family, with FRIENDLY, HUSTLE-FREE CUSTOMER SERVICE 🔝AT FLAFSTER KITCHEN, WE'RE COMMITTED TO BRINGING YOU ELEGANT, PREMIUM-QUALITY KITCHEN PRODUCTS, so you can ENJOY YOUR TIME IN THE KITCHEN AS MUCH AS WE DO; As a small family business, we created our brand out of our love for food and drink - and we want to EXTEND THAT LOVE TO YOU; Whether you're a chef or a stay-at-home parent, our premium manual burr coffee grinder will help you CREATE YOUR OWN CULINARY MASTERPIECES right at home