Insulated traveling cup


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Tumbler color - BLACK Our Black color Tumbler Mug has a modern design with a surface that has a pleasant tactile sensation to it, making it comfortable and convenient to hold. This mug was simply designed to be a life-long travel buddy. Our goal is to produce quality tumblers with a simple and smart design. We strive to satisfy your needs with the range of our quality products, which include insulated tumblers, bottles, cups and thermoses. You'll be sure to ENJOY A CLEAN AND FRESH TASTE of your favorite drink from OUR stainless steel tumblers. No matter what climate you're traveling in, our Tumblers are sure to contain the heat of your hot drink on your alpine hiking trips in the mountains or the keep your cold drink cool on your Sahara desert expeditions. Our Tumbler Mug was designed for: -Casual road trips -Hiking or backpacking trips -Hot days on the beach -Alpine hiking on snowy mountains -Also great for just drinking water -Your favorite smoothies -Mothers feeding their kids Our Tumbler Mugs were designed with the following features: - Designed with split proof lid that can be opened with one finger (The split proof lid is sealed with silicone keeping it air tight) - Lid is made with a durable plastic Our Tumbler Mugs have great additional features for keeping your life simple: -Designed with a hole on the magnetic lid, making sipping or fitting straws in convenient -Designed to fit any cup holder in your car Technological Features of our Tumbler Mugs include: - Designed to keep hot beverages hot for up to 6 hours - Designed to keep cold drinks cool for up 24 hours - Made with SEAMLESS Inner and outer DESIGN - Made from a DURABLE STAINLESS STEEL 18/8 - Produces no condensation - Made BPA free and from a non-toxic material, which is eco-friendly - Designed with a durable scratch proof Powder coating - Dishwash safe Dimensions: Diameter of lid: 3 1/2 inches Height: 6 7/8 inches Diameter of bottom: 6 inches


ENJOY THE CLEAN AND FRESH TASTE of your favorite drink from YOUR stainless steel tumbler. No matter where you are in the world. The modern shape of our travel mug gives it a nice feeling in your hand. With its stylish and concise insulated cup design all beverages including your coffee, tea, beer smoothie, water or any other beverage will have a smooth feeling to them. AN ELEGANT AND MODERN TUMBLER DESIGN. Due to its insulated double-wall, our mug can keep a cold beverage cold for up 24 hours and a hot beverage hot for 6 hours. Use our stainless steel coffee travel mug! Produced with a quality medical grade Stainless steel mark 304, making it perfect for metal travel tumblers. Our water thermos is 6 7/8 inches in height and has a lipped diameter of 3 1/2 inches. STAINLESS STEEL TUMBLERS KEEPS YOUR WATER FRESH! Remember that metal mugs are better for the environment, so stop using those plastic utensils! Our Tumblers are made from premium quality food graded steel. Our metal cups are Dishware safe cups. Clear tumbler powder coating is scratch proof. No condensation, making it easy to use in your car or at home. Give 20oz tumbler a try. IT IS MAGNETIC LID TUMBLER! Our double-wall insulated tumbler come with a magnetic lid, allowing you to drink your beverage directly from the mug or from a straw. With its modern design, cleaning the magnetic lid is easy. It also has drink hole on top for sipping hot drinks and for putting in straws. The silicone lid is perfect. Keeps heat in tightly due to its specially made composition. The vacuum cup design is so tight that the mug will not open, even when holding it upside down. OUR TRAIL TUMBLER CAN MAKE AN EXCELLENT GIFT! Anybody that has a car or is into fitness, tourism or just simply loves the outdoors or doing picnics in the park would be happy with a gift like this. We offer lifetime guarantee on our insulated tumbler with lid In the case that you are not satisfied with our 20 oz mug, we will give you a full refund.